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AREA51AGENCY- #A51A is a visionary agency established by two friends.

Erez Eisen (Infected Mushroom) is one of the world’s most prominent electronic music producers. Already at 16 he began producing his own music and playing it around the world.

Over the years, Erez researched, studied and developed his own electronic music production methods. Today, he owns Polyverse, a company that manufactures electronic music VST-Plugins.

Uri Goldman, From a young age,  was an avid Psy-Trance enthusiast. He listened to and closely followed the industry's leading artists. Over the years, Uri has become very close to the band members of Infected Mushroom, and through this connection he began working for the legendary label HOMmega.

After a couple of years of planning, at the end of 2019, the two decided to open an agency to serve as a home for young emerging artists.

In order to achieve the desired result and promote the new artists, the agency takes part in every step of the artist's career,all the way from studio sessions, at the creation stage (including the use of our special software, "private lessons", etc.) to media advertising and connecting artists to the world's largest party and festival promoters.

Our vision is to educate and launch the next generation of Psy-Trance musicians, for professional, effective and proper workflow in order to grow their careers.

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